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We hereby welcome you to our page, Virtuelle Turer (Virtual Tours). On this website, as well as our social media, we want to publish trips we have been on through photos, film and general information. The trips will eventually be from around the world, when Covid-19 has slowed down, but in the meantime we travel around in Norway. We want to take you on hikes, bike rides, city walks, car rides, attractions and much more, so that you who for some reason do not have the opportunity to be physically present can sit at home in your comfy chair and join in anyway.

This tour concept came about after working with ALS patients for many years and writing a bachelor thesis on the same topic. We realized that there are many people who for some reason do not have the opportunity to experience what we others take for granted, and decided to share some of these experiences. At the same time, we want to make the site appealing to the tour-loving people who have the opportunity to walk and travel, by sharing general information about where to go, parking, facilities, own experiences and such, to help those who want to plan a trip where we have been. By looking at the videos we post, you can also find out if the trip is worth going on.

The videos we share will take viewers on large parts of the trip to give the best possible impression of how this is like, and perhaps motivate and inspire those who have the opportunity to travel. We will try to keep the length of each film to around 30-40 minutes, but this will also depend somewhat on the length of the experience. By posting the videos on YouTube, we give you the opportunity to fast-forward to skip what may feel tedious, or stop the film to note crossroads and such.

We try to make the details about the trip as relevant and concise as possible, such as how to get to the start of the trip, what it may cost to get in and whether there are facilities such as toilets, kiosk and internet on site. We also try to share some history about the area, if there is any information to be found, and we share our assessment of the experience. MapMyFitness is our preferred GPS application, which we use to record where we walk. From this we share information about the trip, GPS coordinates via GPX (which can be downloaded and used in most GPS devices), and MapMyFitness Routes (so you can follow exactly the same route with MapMyFitness).

In addition to sharing our trips on this page, we also share some information, photos and movies on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Feel free to follow us there to see the latest tours as soon as we have posted them.

We hope you enjoy this page, and use it to experience something you would not otherwise have the opportunity to experience, or to get inspiration for your next trip. Enjoy yourself.

Best regards,
Virtuelle Turer (Virtual Tours)

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